by Nectar

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recorded January 2014
songs written by Kamila Glowacki
drums by John Menchaca
recorded by A. Wolf
mastered by Brandon Carnes
✧♬~° ✧-❥✧¸.•*¨♡-*-✧♬° ✧
artwork by Kamila


released April 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Nectar Champaign, Illinois

♡ Kamila Glowacki
♡ Aaron Shults
♡ Sean Neumann
♡ Jake Mott

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Track Name: Tell-Tale Heart
It took me by surprise. Could see the changes in your eyes. You're saying things that don't make sense. I'm starting to lose confidence.

When you're all alone, do you still start to go? Passive-aggressively packing your bags. We both know it's an empty threat.

When did it start? Your tell-tale heart.

Now that I know that things have changed, would I still want them the same? You're saying things that I wanna know. It's hard for me to just let you go.
Track Name: Sweet
Two back tires caught in the street
Two back tires flat like two front teeth

I'm smiling
Cause you're next to me
No more driving
But I'm happy

All I ever eat is ice cream
All you ever drink is coffee
But it still doesn't rot our teeth

Everything is so sweet
We don't get any cavities

<3 <3 <3
Track Name: My Room
My room has no windows, so I can't feel when the wind blows.
It gets so dark I can barely see. Stick out my hand to make sure it's still attached to me.

In my room

Another sunny day, but to me it all starts to feel the same way.
I don't feel okay in my own home. I wish I could just be alone

In my room

When I wake up, I can't tell if it's morning or night.
When I wake up, I can't tell cause there's no sunlight.

In my room
I hope I move soon
Track Name: Still Here
When you said that you'd finally sell the car, I thought that it would be a chance for you to change. But I saw that you didn't get too far. It only made things stay the same. And you're still here.

When I said that I had to get away, we both knew that I'd try to come back someday. While I was trying to make it on my own, you just sat and stayed in your room at home. And you're still there.

Even through all this, I still want you to know. Even through all this, I still think you should go. Even though all this, I try hard not to care, but even through all this...

I'm still here~